Rules & Regulations


As provided by Article XIV of the Declaration of Condominium, the Board of Directors has promulgated herewith the following Rules and Regulations, which shall be effective on January 1, 2020. All terms used herein shall have the same meanings as respectively ascribed to them in the original Declaration of Condominium.

  1. OWNER’S RESPONSIBILTY An owner is defined as that person or persons whose name appears in the property tax rolls maintained by the Palm Beach County Property Tax Collector. Each unit owner is responsible for any violation of the community Rules and Regulations by himself, members of his household, guests, invitees, employees, agents or lessees.
  2. PETS Renters/lessees may not have pets. No animals, livestock, poultry or reptiles of any kind (except dogs, cats and birds shall be raised, bred, or kept by any resident of the community. Owners may not harbor more than two (2) pets approved by the Board. Residents harboring approved pets are subject to the relevant Palm Beach County and Town of Jupiter Pet Ordinances as may be currently in effect: Animal Waste. The owner of every animal shall be responsible for the removal of any excreta deposited by his/her animal upon any public walks, or recreational areas. Animals Creating Nuisance. Any animal which habitually barks, whines, howls, chases or runs after persons or vehicles, or which is otherwise offensive to the public so as to annoy, disturb, or endanger the comfort, peace or safety of the citizens. Leash Law. Under the restraint or control of a competent person by means of a leash. Tags and Licenses. All dogs and cats shall be required to wear a tag showing evidence of vaccination for rabies, securely fastened by a substantial device about the dogs or cats neck so as to be clearly visible at all times. A. In additional to the above ordinances, Seabrook Association requires that all solid waste deposited by an animal must be picked up from the common elements, including the beach walk and disposed of in the pet owner’s own trash receptacle or a receptacle specifically designated for pet waste at the beach walk. B. Animals creating a nuisance on the property may be removed by Jupiter Animal Care and Control. Public nuisance as defined above and also includes the following: Destroys or damages the common area of the property of another person Causes serious annoyance to the neighboring resident such as interfering with the reasonable use and enjoyment of his property or common area. C. Proof of license and inoculation must be provided to the Association upon registration. All pets occupying a unit on the effective date of this amendment must be registered with the Association within thirty days (30) of the effective date of this amendment All pets acquired after the effective date of this amendment must comply with the provisions contained herein and must be registered with the Association within ten days (10) days of acquisition. The Board may request proof of registration and inoculation every three (3) years thereafter or whenever an issue arises. No dangerous breeds allowed. Specifically prohibited are the following breeds: Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, Chow, Akita, German Shepherd, Husky, Malamute, Mastiff, Bull Mastiff, Great Dane, Pit Bull, Staffordshire Terrier, American bulldog and St Bernard, guard or attack dogs or any dog with a prior history of biting or attacking persons, property or other animals. Also no mixes of the above breeds are allowed. Any owner found to be in violation of these rules may be subject to a fine of $50.00 for the first violation. The fine may double to $100.00 per day with each subsequent rule violation, or its continuation, until the violation is corrected. In order to fund cost for the purchase and maintenance of community pet stations, the pet committee is authorized to solicit donations from dog owners or others who wish to contribute.
  3. PLAYING IN THE COMMON AREAS For the safety and insurance reasons, no playing shall be permitted on or about any roadway, parking area, storm drainage area, or waterway adjacent to the beach walk.
  4. STORAGE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY Bicycles, toys, barbecues, chairs, and all other items of personal property shall not be left on or about the common areas when not in use. Freestanding storage sheds or containers of any kind, including coolers, crates, refrigerators, freezers, etc. shall not be permitted within the outside courtyard of any unit if they are visible from outside of the unit fencing or wall.
  5. DRYING/CLEANING ACTIVITES No clothes, towels, swim suites, sheets, blankets, rugs, bedding, or any other items maybe hung or shaken from any window, door, balcony or fence.
  6. SIGN AND HOLIDAY DECORATIONS Except as otherwise provided herein, no sign of any kind may be displayed on the common elements or from any window or any other part of a unit. Any unit being offered for sale may display “OPEN HOUSE” sign when an open house is scheduled to be held at the unit for a limited number of hours. During those hours an “OPEN HOUSE” sign maybe placed at the entrance and another “OPEN HOUSE” sign with a directional arrow may be used. One last “OPEN HOUSE” sign may be placed in front of the unit being offered. Additionally one sign indicting the presence of a security system may be placed at the unit after approval by the board. Holiday decorations may be displayed during the appropriate time of year.
  7. GARBAGE Owners are responsible for providing their own trash container, no more than 50 gallons. Unit# must be labeled on all garbage cans. Garbage cans must be stored out of sight. All garbage must be placed in plastic bags and securely tied before being placed in the container. Garbage cans should be moved to the street for pick-up not before 8 pm of the evening before the scheduled pickup day. Garbage containers should then be removed after collection by the end of the day. County regulations prohibit mixing batteries, paint cans, and other hazardous waste with garbage items. Call Palm Beach Solid Waste Authority at 561-930-2727 for instructions.
  8. DISTURBANCES No loud or disturbing noises, whether emanating from within a unit or from upon the common elements, which interfere with the right of peaceful enjoyment or unit, or which disrupt the comfort and convenience or other residents, shall be permitted. Noises which originate from within a unit and which can be heard outside that unit are defined as loud and disturbing.
  9. SEWAGE DISPOSAL Damage to adjoining units or the common elements caused by a residents improper use of a toilet, sink, shower, or bathtub or disposal of improper items (such as sweepings, rags, rubbish etc .. ) into any of the units water apparatuses shall result in direct charges to the unit owner who is personally responsible or whose tenant is responsible for creating the problem.
  10. HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES No flammable substances such as petroleum products, or acids, lye, explosive materials, fireworks, certain gases or any other material potentially dangerous to life, limb, or property shall be kept in any unit or storage shed.
  11. ELECTRICAL APPLICANCES AND EQUIPMENT All appliances and electrical equipment of any kind, however, powered, installed or used in a unit shall comply with all rules, requirements, regulations, codes and recommendations of all public and private boards and underwriters.
  12. PROHIBITED VEHICLES Except as otherwise provided herein, no commercial vehicle, van, recreation vehicle, motorcycle, ATV, trailer, boat, or truck of any kind shall be parked upon the common elements between the hours of 5 pm and 7am each day at any time. Commercial vehicles, vans, and trucks, may visit upon the property anytime while loading or while actually engaged in some sort of maintenance activity or commercial enterprise. Commercial vehicle shall mean any vehicle displaying commercial writing or advertising, containing or specially equipped to contain work equipment, and or containing items usually available for sale or used in conducting a business. All vehicles must display a current license tag and be operable under its own power. No electric or gas powered mini car or scooter shall be operated on the roadway or anywhere on the common elements the community. Pickup trucks are prohibited vehicles even if for personal use of a resident, and shall not be parked upon the common elements between the hours of 5 pm and 7am. Sport utility vehicles (SUV) may be parked upon the common elements if the SUV is for personal use, contains no commercial writing or exterior modification and if there is an open bed the bed must be fully enclosed bed (bed covering must be made of solid construction). Mini vans may be parked upon the common elements if the van is for personal use, contains no commercial writing or exterior modifications has windows all around and no more than three (3) rows of seating. Cargo vans or other vans without windows all around or with more than three (3) rows of seating are prohibited unless loading or unloading or while actually engaged in some sort of maintenance activity or commercial enterprise. ” any person visiting for a short period of time and operating a prohibited vehicle who wishes to park upon the common elements must obtain a permission pass in advance from the Association Manager during regular business hours. Any permission may not exceed seven (7) consecutive days in length. Prohibited vehicles given a permission pass must park the vehicle overnight at the beach parking area only. All vehicles found in violation of any of the above conditions shall be subject to removal by towing. Recovery of towed vehicles is at the owner’s expense. Palm Beach County Tow Ordinance will be observed.
  13. PARKING AND TRAFFIC REGULATIONS a. No vehicle may be parked in a space marked “guest” for longer than 24 hours continuously b. Vehicle parking on Seabreeze Circle is limited to the curbside of the roadway only. Vehicles parked in this area must face in the same direction as traffic. Overnight parking on Seabreeze Circle is prohibited. Any vehicle parked on the roadway overnight is subject to towing. c. Parking prohibited at yellow painted portion of curb on all four corner. d. Parking on grass is prohibited at all times. Vehicles left on the grass may be towed without responsibility of unit owner. Trucks and Vans used for moving are not allowed to drive or park on the grass at any time. e. Speed limit in the community is 15 MPH f. Blowing of vehicle horn is prohibited except to prevent a vehicle or pedestrian accident.
  14. VEHICLE REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE No repair of a vehicle shall be permitted on the common elements except for minor repair necessary to permit removal of vehicle. Changing of a tire or battery is permitted. Changing of oil is expressly prohibited.
  15. DUTIES OF EMPLOYEES OR CONTRACTORS OF THE ASSOCIATION Employees and contractors of the Association are instructed by the Board of Directors and Association Manger only. Any resident desiring work be done by the association at or on his unit must contact the Association Manager to make such a request; employees and contractors are instructed not to perform any additional work without proper prior authorization.
  16. LANDSCAPING AND UNIT ALTERATIONS A unit owner desiring to make alterations to his or her unit or add or alter the landscaping immediately adjacent to his patio fencing or wall may do so subject to the following: a. Application to modify the common elements add any landscaping or to add decorative features must be made to the Board of Directors at least three (3) weeks in advance of any activity. Use the Architectural Modification Request Form which is available from the Association Manager. b. Any damages resulting from installation, maintenance, or natural growth of plant materials shall be repaired at the unit owner’s expense. c. Maintenance of any alteration approved by the Board including vegetation shall be the sole responsibility of and at the sole expense of the unit owner. Failure to maintain an Association approved alteration will result in Association direction to contractor to perform the work or remove the alteration with all the expenses borne by the owner, whether or not said alteration was installed by the current owner.
  17. RADIO AND TELEVISION RECEPTION No unit owner or resident shall contract or operate any equipment of any kind which causes interference with other commonly used electrical devices such as radio, television, computers and the like. Satellite dishes and antennas less than one meter in diameter for the reception of video transmissions, may be installed within a unit or any area within the exclusive use and control of the unit owner. Residents desiring to install any other antenna or satellite dish must submit an Architectural Modification Request form to the Board of Directors in advance of installing such device. Form is available from the association manager. Antenna and satellite dishes should be placed only on the flat roof section of the common element. If an acceptable signal cannot be received, placement in any other location may only be made with specific approval of the Board of Directors.
  18. CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE ASSOCIATION All suggestions, requests and other correspondence may be mailed to: Jupiter Management, LLC 1340 US Highway 1, Suite 102, Jupiter FL 33469
  19. SALE AND LEASE PROCEDURE Completed application forms, fees and interview are required prior to sale or rental occupancy of a unit. Obtain requisite application form the association manager. Complete application forms, attach a check for $75.00 made payable to Seabrook Place COA and submit a copy of the sales or lease contract. a. Rental application must ALSO include a check for $500.00 as a refundable common element damage deposit. Any expenses incurred to repair damage to the common elements and which are attributed to a lessee, household members, guests, invitees, contractors or his agents are first reimbursed from the damage deposit with any additional amounts recovered from the tenant or ultimately from the unit owner, if necessary. b. Personal interview is required prior to occupancy and or closing. Association approval is issued only after all applications and fees are received and interview has be completed. To schedule a personal interview call the association manager for instructions. c. The association requires that all requisite steps be completed at least 14 days prior to the transaction date to assure that approvals are completed.
  20. RENTAL RESTRICTIONS In addition to the requirements stated above, the following conditions also apply to leasing: a. Maximum of two leases per twelve month period b. Minimum lease period is 30 days c. All persons occupying a unit must be identified and interviewed d. Substation of one new tenant (housemate) for another shall require an interview and is subject to seventy five dollar fee. e. Sub-leasing is not permitted f. Per Florida Statue, any unpaid assessment or other amount properly owned to the association by a. unit owner may cause to deny approval of a lease until such arrears are paid in full. g. Renters/lessees are not permitted to have pets.